Hair off the Dog


     Pitlochry based professional mobile dog grooming right where you and your best doggy pal needs it, outside your home!The fully equipped mobile van will pull up plug in and in no time at al your scruffy pooch will be ready for Crufts or at the very least allowed back up on the couch.What can you expect?A clean dog? A neatly trimmed dog, with nails clipped? Covering Highland Perthshire and Inverness

Hydro Bath cleans and returns the dog looking great.  Clipping bathing & nail cutting adds those extra touches. Professional friendly service And- I COME TO YOU!!Travelling around Perthshire and north on the A9 to Inverness. I have a fully equipped dog grooming van that I can park at your front door and where your little companion will have one to one grooming with no waiting around.  All I need is for you to plug me in OR arrange a day to either come to your home to carry out the grooming, OR if you are local I can pick up your dog, OR even, if you like, you can drop the dog off and get on with your day safe in the knowledge that you will have a lovely clean and tidy dog to come home to

The van is superbly equipped too take care of all tyes of dog. To groom,clean and pamper. The hydraulic table- fully variable height adjusts to suit the size of your dog.   Fido hydro bath-very therapeutic for your dog and can help reduce casting. A biggles blaster drier- helps speed up the drying process!! And lots of smelly stuff from posh shampoo to paw treatment, spa paw bath and blueberry facial masks if you want to push the boat out!



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Mobile Dog Grooming

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Is puppy pongy or does your old faithful friend need a bit of a makeover?


Emergency Wash Up


Pitlochry is the base but the A9 is our route north and south. We will travel across Perthshire and up to Inverness Just so your best friend to be top dog and stand out from the pack


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Call Marion on 07949 017030 or send me an email by completing the contact form. Let me know where you are and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date and time.